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Site rules - must read before posting!

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Site rules - must read before posting!

Post  tomwaslikewhoa on Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:47 pm

Do's & Don't's

» Offensive language
Think before you speak. Something you may not find offensive may be offensive to someone else.

» Disrespect & Abuse
Do not insult or disrespect other members. Do not be condescending, rude, slanderous, or create a big dramafest here. There are plenty of other forums where you can go if you want to bicker. Should you have a dispute with another member, take it to PM's. If it gets to the point that the offender is harassing in PM's, report them to the Staff immediately.

» Intolerance
The one thing we can’t tolerate is intolerant people. If you have a problem with skin color, culture, religion, or sexual orientation, keep it to yourself. No one else needs to hear about your personal prejudice views.

» Stealing
Do not post FanFictions written by someone else without permission directly from the author. This is personal property, and we have extremely firm beliefs on this issue. Post someone else’s work without permission or crediting and you will be booted permanently. And if you find an icon or signature here or any other type of graphic used by someone else, do NOT, by ANY means what-so-ever take the graphic without permission and upload it to your livejournal, blog, site, or anywhere else. If we find out you have STOLEN a graphic art that someone has worked hard on without asking the person's permission or without crediting them, you WILL be banned for however long that person wants you to be. It's unfair, it's sneaky, it's RUDE, and it's thievery. Don't do it.
- Art Theft is also an issue. The same rules apply. Art makers put a lot of time into their art, whether it's a drawing, photography (if someone took pictures at a concert), Photoshop, combination of all of the above, or something completely different. Do not steal people's art or photography. If the image in question has been watermarked by the artist/photographer, do not remove the watermark or request the watermark be removed. If you need the original version so badly, ask the artist or photographer for it and maybe you'll get it.

» Excessive Advertisement
This includes adding links to your fansites, blogs, etc in posts. Please. Have some self-respect and dignity, and don't spam up the place with your links. You're more than welcome to advertise wherever the situation calls for it, but don't post your links so much people get sick of it and don't want to see it anymore.

» Off-topic posts
Off-topic posts are fine in moderation, but please don't excessively carry-on a conversation that has nothing to do with the thread topic. You're more than welcome to do that in the Spam forum instead.

» Unnecessary threads
Don't create pointless threads, especially if that thread is being created in the wrong forum (like asking about Bill's shoes in the The Site's forum). If you're unsure where a topic you're wishing to post may go, PM a Staff member. We're here to help you. Otherwise your thread may be moved or closed. Also, please search the forum you're posting in to see if such topic already exists.

» False Information/Rumours
This includes "Bill's Myspace," "Tom's girlfriend," "Gustav's foot infection," "Georg's unfortunate car accident with a pink and purple elephant." Or whatever other things people can manage to come up with. We do not want that senseless trash all over the forum. If you're unsure of the legitimacy of a topic, PM a Staff member and ask. There is also a thread in Information specifically for Rumours & Gossip, so go there to discuss wacky rumours.

» MP3's/DVD's
Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, MP3's and DVD material can not be legally posted on this site. If you guys wish to keep this site, don't post MP3's/DVD's. If you're dying to share an MP3 or DVD with another user, please e-mail them, IM them, or PM them to keep it off the site.

» Thread Bumping
Please refrain from posting in old threads. Don't do it unless you absolutely have to, and please post some sort of reason as to WHY you may be bumping a four month old thread that's already gone to the fifth page back - such as if the old thread relates to a current event. Otherwise your post may be deleted and the topic locked.

» Be welcoming!
When newcomers arrive, welcome them to our growing community. Many of our community's senior members are a wealth of knowledge and have much to share. Help new members learn about how to find information and resources, save time, and how to get involved in the community.

» Anti-fan/negative opinions
This is a Tokio Hotel fansite, not an anti-fansite. This will not turn into another fansite where what all the "fans" do is criticize, bash, insult, and make any other rude comments about the boys more than they 'fan' over them. You can have your opinions, but say them at your own risk. If a member makes a rude comment about the boys, it is allowed, as it is their opinion, but they are subjecting themselves to others getting offended. Go to an anti-fansite if you want to excessively bash Tokio Hotel and not be told off. Members should not have to defend them on their own fansite. Also, take care to respect other artists and genres. We all have different tastes other than Tokio Hotel and bashing other artists may get members here offended.

» Band Privacy
Please respect the band's privacy. This includes not tracking down where Simone lives and posting sneaky pictures of her on the forum, or posting pictures of one of the band members' houses, or other family members unless the photos have been officially released, whether in video or magazine. Please take care to avoid perpetuating private information that may possibly be true. Also take care to also avoid posting photos that are otherwise private, including license plates, addresses, and phone numbers. Unless the band members are at a public event (autograph signing, photoshoot, etc) photos may possibly be private if they aren't released in the media (tv/magazine/official online news source like and others). You are free to ask a Staff member for clarification if you do not know. Stalking photos or videos taken on private property will not be tolerated. You will be given one warning - repeat offenses merit a ban. You are responsible for making sure the content is not stalking. If in doubt, don't post, and ask an Admin.
We respect Tokio Hotel's privacy to 100%, therefore is Twincest or any kind of incest with the band members, family members and the management forbidden. If we, the staff, see a discussion about incest and twincest in any of the Tokio Hotel forums, you will get 3 warnings and if we don't see some improvement the member will be banned for one or two weeks depending on the situation, thank you.

» Team Spirit
We're all a part of a large community here, and the atmosphere is much like that of a big family. This forum is our baby, so please support it and take care of it, as well as each other, to continue making this site fun, loving, and enjoyable for everyone. If you are a member here, you're part of the family, and this is your massive house. Support and love it.

Sexuality & Discussion

· All orientations are welcome here. If you are intolerant of alternate lifestyles, this is not the forum for you. Excessive sex-talk will be kept to the Sex Education section or PG-district.

· We welcome everyone here, and we would like everyone to be respectful to each other. If you hate Twinslash/slash, etc, please do not go out of your way to slander Twinslash/slash lovers. If you love Twinslash/slash, etc, please do not go out of your way to slander Twinslash/slash haters. We all need to be on a mutual ground of understanding when it comes to personal tastes in this fandom. As long as you stay on your side of the fence, and others stay on their side, fights won't break out. The Staff will remain strictly neutral in handling conflicts that may spring up, and conflicts regarding these issues are strictly prohibited. No debates concerning it, no fights concerning it, no discussions concerning it. There is no reason at all to lay down the bait for a fight to start. If you do not like this, we deeply apologize, and we suggest you make your own forum somewhere else to do whatever it is you're wanting to do.

· Band members' sexuality. Okay, no one's ever, ever, ever going to know for sure what orientation these boys are except for them, so it's completely pointless to discuss it (playing around with fantasies in the PG-district is fine though as long as it's clear that it's just that - make-believe). Especially when discussing it almost always leads to people getting their feathers ruffled and arguing. Just don't bother. It's a band privacy issue and we fully respect band privacy here. If you're busting to debate it, do so in PM's.

· Please take care to avoid areas were you find the topic uncomfortable or unpleasant. The threads will be clearly marked. You are responsible for what you read, not us, and we will not take any blame or tolerate any flaming remarks if you post in a thread or forum you did not like to begin with, especially concerning FanFictions. There are many differing views as far as content people write or discuss, so if you don't like it. Stay. Away. From. It. There is not a magnet sucking you torwards content you don't like.

· The PG-district was created for a reason. Please take care to confine lewd comments, posts, photos, and other material to that forum in the proper threads. We regulate lewd and risque content on this forum by having the PG-district and directing people to that when they want to enjoy a more mature brand of material. Use this forum to place your material, comments, and discussion, rather than posting such things throughout the other forums such as Information, etc. Keep all other forums clean and on-topic.

Forum Content & Material

· It is forbidden to use and copy any material of this forum without the author's permission or at least attempting to acquire it. If you can get no response, you need to wait until you get one. Respect the property of others. It belongs to the creators. Not the site. Not you. Not Bill Gates. No one else but the creator owns what they created. As it was said before, do NOT steal. ASK first. If the person says you can not use whatever it is you are wanting to use, then RESPECT that.

· It is forbidden to use and copy any translations without the translator's permission or without specifying the translator's name. To avoid any disputes on the matter, it is necessary to keep the source and name of the author attached to the text. These people work HARD on translations. Respect that.

· It is forbidden to copy links and to hotlink the material of this forum to another forum, blog, or website without the permission of the owner of this material, servers or sites. Bandwidth is your friend; treat it nicely.

You may not post any photo or manip of any underage person in any forum including the PG-district. You may not post any embedded picture that shows full or partial nudity below the waist. If you wish to share adult-themed manips in the PG-district, you may post a URL link to the artwork, but it may NOT be posted or thumbnailed here. Links ONLY.


» · The image may not contain:
◦ Sexually explicit pictures. (Pornography, nudity, Twinslash, etc.)
◦ Any seizure inducing colours. Like rapid flashing of bright colours.
◦ Any motives that may abuse another members' belief, sexual orientation, race or nationality.
◦ Signature bodies, avatars, custom titles and locations may not contain words (text) such as, "[Prohibited Word]/queer/rape/dyke/pedophilia, other sexually implicative words or refer to a band member's sexuality. Referencing Biorg, Torg, GG, Twinslash, Mpreg, etc. in a sexual nature is not acceptable in signatures. Do not advertise 18+ fics in your signature with explicit, descriptive, or inflammatory titles or wording. Keep signatures relatively PG-13, since signatures are seen site-wide. If you predominantly post in the PG-district and Spam, light slash fluff in signature images is acceptable, no exceptions, and blaring text referencing pairings in a sexual nature is still unacceptable outside of the PG-district, no exceptions.
◦ Do NOT use another person's avatar without their permission.


» · When creating a new thread, use a title that reflects what the thread is actually about. Don’t call it “Can Tom play the guitar” if the thread topic is actually about studio musicians.

» · Make sure you create the thread in the right forum. It's tiresome to the Mods to have to move it later. If you don't know where your thread may need to go, then PM one of the Staff members and we will gladly help you.

» · Use the edit button on your posts to add anything extra. Don't double post unless you're in the Spam forum. This rule will be leniently enforced.

» · Avoid answering the posts that are "off-topic." It just encourages them to get further away from the subject and also means a Staff member will have to steer the conversation back on track. Posts may be subject to deletion if off-topic.

» · Report members who break the rules or report posts or threads that don't belong to a Staff member. This is a large forum with a huge amount of posts and threads. Simply telling someone 'there's already a thread here' doesn't get that thread locked. Please report these things to a staff member. Help us help you.

» · Before creating a new thread, check the forum to see if the topic was discussed before.

» · When posting articles, transcripts, photos and other materials, please indicate the source and date or the material if you know it.

» · Please do not give out any personal information such as your phone number, postal address, zip code, last name, AGE, or anything you do not wish others to know publicly. If you choose to ignore this request, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences. We are very strict on privacy here, but we can't protect you if you throw yourselves out to the wolves deliberately.

Staff Treatment

» · We are here to help you, not hurt you. Each Staff member knows what they're supposed to do. This site will be a fun, laid back atmosphere where people can talk and we can all have fun; no matter what their rank is. Most of these rules will be enforced leniently.

» · Please respect the Staff and their decisions - we don't always like the decisions we make either. Unfortunately as Staff members, we will have to make choices that not everyone will agree with and for that we are very sorry since we want to make everyone happy here, but we're going to do our jobs the best we can to make this place fun and enjoyable for everyone. But we know and you all know that we can't make everyone happy in the end, but we will try our best.

» · You can trust us! We're your friends and we want to help you in any way that we can.

» · There will be some members of the Staff that you may not like. That's alright, we don't expect you to like us, but please try to keep in mind that everything we do is for YOUR benefit. Not ours.

We're not getting paid to work.

We're doing it because we care, and the THF Staff hopes that you will enjoy this site to the fullest as it continues to grow into something great.

Thank you!

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