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Rules & Guidelines

Post  tomwaslikewhoa on Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:47 pm

International Fans

The International forum was a new addition to our board once we became more international, and people from all over the world from hundreds of other countries were beginning to register. This forum is a place where fans of Tokio Hotel from other countries can come together and meet and talk to other fans who share their same nationality. Here, you can also conversate amongst each other in your own native language rather than English (unless you prefer English or your country primarily speaks English) without disturbance. However, general site-wide rules as found in the About forum still apply regardless of conversations here not being in English. There will also be a few more guidelines as seen below...

Rules & Guidelines:

1. Most importantly, if there is a thread already made for fans to speak in your language or from your country do not make a new one.
2. No fan wars! If you do not like fans from a particular country, don't go out of your way to disturb them in their thread.
3. Nationalism (ie. "my country is better than your country") will not be tolerated.
4. Discussion does not have to be confined to Tokio Hotel. You can talk about most anything you want in your language or with others from your country as long as site-wide rules are abided by.
5. If there is an offense by someone or a complaint, report it to a staff member immediately. The staff doesn't speak all your languages, so we need help to catch trouble-makers or help you.

If rules & guidelines both site-wide and as stated in this thread are not followed, your thread may be moved, locked, or deleted. It would be wise if you are unsure about whether your thread is proper for this forum to PM and ask a staff member first. We're here to help you, so don't hesitate.


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